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Betty's Beef Fresh Strips

Betty's Beef Fresh Strips

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Betty's Beef Fresh Strips

– PLEASE NOTE these are NOT the really soft Beef Strips -The softer products are soaked in Glycerine (preservative E422) before being dried which acts as a preservative, sweetener and softener.

This is some of the only Beef Fresh Strips on the market, Special made by us from Tasmanian Beef LEAN MEAT, Mint & Parsley.
which contains no preservatives (many do not list it or realize it has it in!).

Therefore, these Strips are mince lean beef, Mint & Parsley and are little crunchy.
This is all-natural, Preservative free.
It is not marinaded in a glycerine gel solution before being dehydrated to keep a higher water content.

Please note:
This product can smell a little like a roast beef.
As this is simply the natural, preservative free product, dehydrated.

Something your dogs & cats will love.

The smell comes from concentrated nutrients after dehydration. It takes about 12 kg's of Beef lean meat, mint & Parsley just to get 2.5kf of dehydrated beef strips.

Our Strips have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed & stored out of direct sunlight.
Available in 100 g or 1 kg.
Ingredients: 100% Lean Tasmanian Beef, Mint & Parsley.

PLEASE NOTE: Picture is of RAW product, before dehydrated. 
Product is dried not raw.