Chippy's Chicken Fresh Strips

Chippy's Chicken Fresh Strips

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Chippy's Chicken Fresh Strips

 PLEASE NOTE these are NOT the really soft chicken pieces. The softer products are soaked in Glycerin (preservative E422) before being dried which acts as a preservative, sweetener and softener.

This is some of the only CHICKEN breast strips on the market, Special made by Us From Tasmanian chicken, which contains no preservatives (many do not list it or realize it has it in!).
Therefore these Strips are mince chicken and are little crunchy . This is all-natural. It is not marinaded in a glycerin gel solution before being dehydrated to keep a higher water content.

Please note:
This product can smell a little like a roast chicken, Mint & parsley.

As this is simply the natural , preservative free product dehydrated.

Whilst it can have a very strong smell, dogs & cats love them.

The smell comes from concentrated nutrients after dehydration. It takes about 12 kg's of raw chicken breast just to get 1.5 kg of dehydrated chicken strips.

Our Strips have a best before of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed & stored out of direct sunlight.
Available in 100 g or 1 kg.

 100% Tasmanian Chicken, Mint & Parsley. 

100% preservative free, 100% dehydrated , 100% all natural
Available in 100 g & 1 kg.