Chippy's Chicken Necks

Chippy's Chicken Necks

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Chippy's Chicken Necks.

Made with 100% Tasmania Chicken, are the perfect snack for small dogs and puppies. Medium-large dogs well love these as well, They just might not last long.
. They are easily digested. Perfect for chewing. Plus, they are high in protein.
These treats have no pathogens and a long shelf-life.
High in vitamins such as zinc and calcium, they are a natural, and healthy treat for your dog.
Chicken necks vary in size but are about 8 – 10 cm but can be a little bigger or smaller. They generally way about 10-20 g each.
Our products has a best before 12 months from purchase, if kept sealed &  stored out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% Tasmanian Nichols Poultry Chicken Necks-Contain bones

100% preservative free, 100% dehydrated, 100% all natural

Available in 200 g & 1 kg.