Rusty Roo Tendon's

Rusty Roo Tendon's

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Rusty Roo Tendon’s
(Bennett’s Wallaby)

Rusty Roo Tendons with ‘knobs’ at the end. They are 100% Tasmanian Bennett’s wallaby. They are all natural, single ingredient products.
 Containing no preservatives, no additives whatsoever!

They are best suited for small to medium dogs. Also good for larger dogs but you’ll find they will not last for long.

Rusty Roo range of Treats are high in omega 3 and Zinc –Extremely low in fat with only roughly 2% fat and very high in protein, which make them over all amazing popular treat.

In addition, if your dog has a risk of Pancreatitis or has Pancreatitis these treats will be great for your dog as they are such a lean, low-fat treat, they are sure to love it – without causing any harm to their health.

Alternatively, for something a bit easier to break up, try our Rusty Roo Strips. They are crispy strips, Perfect for any size dogs & cats, they are bound to love!

Our tendons have a best before of 6 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight.

100% preservative free, 100% dehydrated , 100% all natural.

Available in 200 g