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Rusty Roo Peanut Butter Strips

Rusty Roo Peanut Butter Strips

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Rusty Roo Peanut Butter Strips

Our Rusty roo peanut butter strips are made from Tasmanian Wallaby meat & Peanut butter from The Olde Spikey Bridge Kempton.

They come in a nice long strip that can be broken into small pieces or the whole strip, they also make a fantastic training treat or a quick snack.

Add in they are extremely low fat, and you are on to a big winner here.

They are amazing treat that are highly sort after.
They are high in antioxidants, the high level of Omega & around 2% fat and allergen-free!
Without a doubt, our roo strips are a great product for your dogs & cats.

Ingredients: 100% Lean Tasmanian wallaby meat & Peanut butter.

100% dehydrated, 100% all natural and Preservative free.

Available in 100 g & 1 kg. 
Buying 1kg bulk, saves you $15 per kg!

Ingredients: 100% Tasmanian Roo & Tasmanian Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter comes from The Olde Spikey Bridge Peanut Butter.