Rusty Roo Shanks

Rusty Roo Shanks

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Rusty Roo Shanks
Bennett's Wallaby

Rusty Roo shank's are a popular & long-lasting bone treat.

100% Tasmanian Bennett’s Wallaby meaty bones.
All of Metz’s Munchies bones and treats are of course 100% not cooked.
They are dehydrated at low temperatures to ensure they do not calcify and keep their integrity.

It’s the calcification of bones which occurs during cooking at higher temperatures that cause the bone to become brittle and shard into sharp nuggets. Increasing the risk of causing internal damage or chocking.

We always recommend monitoring your dog and consider their eating habits when it comes to our bone range.

In fact, these meaty leg bones will suit a medium to large dogs.
Our Rusty Roo Shanks bones have a best before of 6 months from purchase if kept out of the plastic bag and in a sealed contain and stored out of direct sunlight.

Ingredients: 100% Tasmanian Roo 

Available in 1 kg.