Salmon Jerky ( Bite Size)

Salmon Jerky ( Bite Size)

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Salmon Jerky- Bite Size.
The Salmon jerky treats are a delicious, healthy snack for dog's & cats of all sizes to enjoy.

These  are 100% Tasmanian salmon . Containing no additives, no preservatives, no bones or skin and 100% dehydrated.

The products  are cut to bite size jerky and are easy to break if needed, It also has a very nice baked Salmon smell & can be a little oily ( which is good thing).
The omega 3 fatty acids naturally found in our Salmon Jerky- Bite size treats CAN benefit your dog & cats  in a number of ways such as:
– Reduce joint pain
– Improve cognitive function
– Aid cardiovascular health

Please also note that these salmon where caught for human consumption, but unfortunately due to COVID-19 & cancelled events.
We where offered so much salmon too use for our pet treats- For limited time only. Otherwise it would of be disregarded. 

Our Salmon Jerky-Bite Size have a best before 2 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight.

Available in 200